Mandagsklubben_asyl_flygtning_klub_frivillig_ungdommens røde kors

    Youth across cultures 

    The Monday Club

    You are young and have arrived alone in a new country. You have spent most of your time at the asylum center and have not met many Danes your own age. You want to learn about the Danish culture and meet other young people, so you can expand your network. But how can you do that?

    In The Monday Club we build bridges and friendships between young asylum seekers, young refugees with a residence permit in Denmark and young Danes. We exchange and meet across our different cultures, but most importantly: It’s about being young.

    New friends and a haven
    InThe Monday Club we have created a venue where there is time to talk, play games and cook delicious food. In the club we do everything together, and we love to hear about each other's cultures and traditions. We want a place where we can share our stories and memories – also the tough ones. We can offer help with homework, job applications, public letters, and all the other things that can be challenging in a new language.

    Some days we have activities out of the house; like trips to the park, to the movies, to Tivoli or to the go-kart track. What we do is not what is important; the important thing is that we do it together. 

    Did you know...

    that we in Mandagsklubben speak Arabic, Kurdish, Persian, Dari, Danish, English and Somali?

    • How do I join the club?

      Everyone can participate in Mandagsklubben, whether you are an asylum seeker, have a residence permit or have never lived outside Denmark. We meet every Monday from 5.00 PM to 8.00 PM at Hejrevej 30, 2400 Copenhagen NV.

      You don’t need to call ahead, just stop by and say hi!

    • Where is The Monday Club?

      For now the club is only located in Copenhagen (Hejrevej 30, 2400 Copenhagen NV). If you want to start up somewhere else - it does not have to be on Mondays - contact us at

      Please also visit us on Facebook.

    • Do you want to be a volunteer?

      To be a volunteer, we prefer that you are able to participate in the club at least twice a month. You must be stable, psychologically robust and most importantly want to create a comfortable, social environment for the participants. As a volunteer you will help to plan and carry out activities in cooperation with the participants and the other volunteers.

      Stability is important for us to have a successful voluntary group and always provide a good framework in the club.

      If you want to volunteer in Mandagsklubben, please write a short text about yourself and your motivation to